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Recorded live @ The Royalty Theatre

Now among the internet’s most popular music content, Sing It Live take their show to a live audience at The Royalty Theatre in Adelaide, South Australia. Fifteen wonderful songs brilliantly performed including exclusive back stage footage. Hear and see this amazing Superband and the vocal talents of Zkye Compson-Harris, Darren Mullan, Chloe Castledine, Rachael Leahcar, Stefan Hauk, Cam Blokland, Melissa McCaig, Tib Horvath and Andy Seymour. Find out why these talented South Australians have amassed tens of millions of views throughout the world. Produced by the master himself Darren Mullan. Purchase a ticket below for 30 days of streaming access for only US$9.99.

SIT Turn Back Time
SIT Sledgehammer
SIT Purple Rain
SIT Power of Love
SIT Running Harden
SIT Prayer
SIT Good Times
SIT Two Outa Three
SIT Its Only Love
SIT Get Into The Groove
SIT Back Stage
SIT 9 to 5

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Song List

  • Entire Concert – The entire show. Uninterrupted.
  • Sledghammer + Don’t Lose My Number – Stefan Hauk features in this unforgettable double song performance.
  • Purple Rain – Recorded for Youtube on the night featuring the full cast. This is the very first time this song was ever performed by everyone.
  • Running Up That Hill + Harden My Heart – Legally blind Rachael Leahcar shows her wonderful vocal talent in these 2 smash hits.
  • Two Out Of Three Aint Bad – Sing It Live’s creator sings this powerful rock ballad from Meat Loaf.
  • The Prayer – Possibly the most beautiful duet With Chloe and Cam from our Christmas album.
  • 9 to 5 – Chloe Castledine rips through this energised Dolly Parton classic.
  • How Will I Know – Chloe show’s her inner diva in this Whitney Houston banger.
  • Get Into The Groove – Modelled from the LiveAid version of this Madonna classic featuring Chloe Casteldine.
  • If I Could Turn Back Time – The impeccable Zkye Compson-Harris performs the unforgettable Cher smash hit.
  • It’s Only Love – Rocking duet featuring Zkye and Cam from the Tina Turner/Bryan Adams era.
  • Night Moves – Cam Blokland shows his unique story telling talents in this Bob Seger classic.
  • Power of Love – Darren returns to rip out his very best Huey Lewis performance.
  • Good Times – The whole cast returns for this rocking encore to a standing ovation.
  • Backstage – Behind the scenes footage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the streaming service work?

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