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Australian Blockchain Week 2022

The Mainstream Moment

21st – 25th March 2022




  • Introduction

    Featuring Steve Vallas. Run Time: 11 minutes.

  • Opening Address: Senator Andrew Bragg followed by Q&A with Caroline Bowler

    Featuring Andrew Bragg. Run Time: 28 minutes.

  • Opening Keynote by Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX. Followed by Q&A with Michael Bacina

    Featuring Sam Bankman-Fried and Michael Bacina. Run Time: 25 minutes.

  • The Custodia story and the lessons from afar. A fireside chat with Heath Behncke.

    Featuring Caitlin Long and Heath Behncke. Run Time: 29 minutes.

  • Fit for Purpose: The current view of the future of digital assets

    Featuring Scott Farrell, Amit Singh, Kate Pounder and Steve Vallas. Run Time: 27 minutes.

  • A fireside chat with Mike Novogratz

    Featuring Mike Novogratz and Ian Taylor. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • DLT, crypto and digital value in the banking and payments sector

    Featuring Sophie Gilder, Andrew Gee, Bianca Bates, Anthony Jones and Chloe White. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • Senator The Hon. Jane Hume Ministerial Address

    Featuring The Hon. Jane Hume. Run Time: 28 minutes.

  • Joseph Lubin: From genesis through ConsenSys. A fireside chat with Lisa Wade.

    Featuring Joseph Lubin and Lisa Wade. Run Time: 24 minutes.

  • Paul Brody – EY Global Blockchain Leader: From San Fran to a New York Blockchain State of Mind.

    Featuring Paul Brody. Run Time: 16 minutes.

  • Kris Marszalek: Building global, investing and growing locally. Fireside chat with Susannah Wilkinson.

    Featuring Kris Marszalek and Susannah Wilkinson. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • Superannuation – The digital asset investment landscape

    Featuring Mark Bland, Ryan McCall and Seamus Collins. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • Making money move from web2 to web3

    Featuring Christian Wigstrom. Run Time: 11 minutes.

  • Banking, payments and processing – The changing face of finance

    Featuring Cath Whitaker, Steve Weston, Carolyn Breeze, Christian Wigstrom and Susan Brown. Run Time: 21 minutes.

  • What’s the use: Blockchain in Action

    Featuring Howard Silby, Alex Vynokur, Laszlo Peter and Effie Dimitropoulos. Run Time: 20 minutes.

  • Building Bridges from CeFi to DeFi

    Featuring Nigel Dobson, Stephen Richardson, Danielle Gerace and Rob Allen. Run Time: 20 minutes.

  • Finding Finder – An entrepreneur’s view of the digital future

    Featuring Fred Schebesta. Run Time: 31 minutes.

  • Overview of Vmware in Financial Services with Brendon Howe

    Featuring Brendon Howe. Run Time: 18 minutes.

  • Brooks Entwistle from Ripple – Crypto: The New Normal in Finance

    Featuring Brooks Entwistle. Run Time: 19 minutes.


  • Chloe White: Opening Address

    Featuring Chloe White. Run Time: 8 minutes.

  • Bankless Podcast: Ethereum Down Under

    Featuring David Hoffman, Ryan Sean-Adams, Robbie Ferguson, Sid Powell, Kain Warwick and Pat McNab. Run Time: 51 minutes.

  • Anatoly Yakovenko: The growth of the Solana Ecosystem. Followed by a live Q&A with Michael Bacina.

    Featuring Anatoly Yakovenko and Michael Bacina. Run Time: 33 minutes.

  • Algorand L1 at Scale: Building for growth and accessibility. Silvio Micali, founder of Algorand, interviewed by Adriana Belotti.

    Featuring Silvio Micali and Adriana Belotti. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • DLT, crypto and digital value in the banking and payments sector

    Featuring Mehdi Zerouali and Anthony Sassano. Run Time: 45 minutes.

  • Serum – Powering Liquidity in Defi

    Featuring JHL. Run Time: 21 minutes.

  • Securing the transactional layer of Ethereum

    Featuring Ray Mogg, Steven Goldfeder and David Raper. Run Time: 25 minutes.

  • (INVEST) in NSW

    Featuring Katie Heathcote. Run Time: 5 minutes.

  • Immutable: Build 2 Scale

    Featuring James Ferguson, Alex Connolly, Gillian Findlay and John Henderson. Run Time: 31 minutes.

  • The Web3 Stack – The Building Blocks

    Featuring Ally Haire, Tim Bass, Daniel Bar, Daniel Oon and Rob Morris. Run Time: 54 minutes.

  • Current Trends In Crypto Markets

    Featuring Janine Grainger, Jeff Yew, Nathan Halliday, Jonathon Miller and Hannah Glass. Run Time: 25 minutes.

  • Defi: The Future Landscape, The Road From TradFi to DeFi

    Featuring Michael Kong, Sandeep Nailwal, Gwendolyn Regina and Niki Ariyasinghe. Run Time: 24 minutes.

  • Plugging into Decentralised Finance

    Featuring Jon Deane, Sophie McKendry, Egor Sidelska and Jack Deeb. Run Time: 20 minutes.

  • Kieran Warwick – Game(Fi) Changing. A fireside chat with Joni Pirovich.

    Featuring Kieran Warwick and Joni Pirovich. Run Time: 21 minutes.

  • Mance Harmon: Open Source, Decentralization Shared Worlds

    Featuring Mance Harmon. Run Time: 28 minutes.

  • Cory Klippsten: Fix the money, Fix the world

    Featuring Cory Klippsten. Run Time: 19 minutes.

  • Danny Ryan: Ethereum – the Merge and Beyond

    Featuring Danny Ryan. Run Time: 30 minutes.

  • Hong Fang, CEO of Okcoin. Crypto for all – Democratizing wealth with digital assets

    Featuring Hong Fang and Brittany Laughlin. Run Time: 30 minutes.

  • Konstantin Richter – Bridging TradFi to DeFi. A fireside chat with Andrew Vranjes.

    Featuring Konstantin Richter and Andrew Vranjes. Run Time: 31 minutes.

  • DeFi Bridges

    Featuring Peter Robinson. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • Blockchains, past, present and future

    Featuring Lucas Cullen. Run Time: 28 minutes.

  • Dominic Williams – Truly Decentralized Internet: What Does Web3 Look Like?

    Featuring Dominic Williams. Run Time: 33 minutes.

  • Future of Finance – A fireside chat with Ronit Ghose.

    Featuring Ronit Ghose and Scott Hudson. Run Time: 24 minutes.

  • Where is the custody conversation going to be in 2023. A fireside chat with Michael Shaulov.

    Featuring Michael Shaulov and Scott Waller. Run Time: 24 minutes.

  • The CEO view from the front of the pack. The state of crypto and how brands will embrace the sector from here.

    Featuring Yoni Assia and Michele Levine. Run Time: 31 minutes.

  • From L1 to L2, on to L3 and beyond

    Featuring Uri Kolondy. Run Time: 11 minutes.


  • Opening Address

    Featuring Steve Vallas, Greg Oakford and Ray Brown from CoinSpot. Run Time: 21 minutes.

  • Live Virtual NFT Keynote with Brett Harrison, President of FTX.US

    Featuring Brett Harrison. Run Time: 24 minutes.

  • Mik Naayem: Dapper Labs. Followed by a Q&A with Sarah Grace-Worboys.

    Featuring Mik Naayem and Sarah Grace-Worboys. Run Time: 25 minutes.

  • NFTs & Sports Mega Panel

    Featuring Jeremy Loeliger, Ridley Plummer, Joan Norton and Greg Oakford. Run Time: 26 minutes.

  • IP Development in web3 – A special Q&A with Tom Bilyeu

    Featuring Tom Bilyeu and Theo Kanellopoulos. Run Time: 21 minutes.

  • Building the open metaverse – A fireside chat with Yat Siu

    Featuring Yat Siu and Caroline Bowler. Run Time: 25 minutes.

  • NFT use cases and IP implications – The Lawyer’s perspective

    Featuring Alana Kushnir, Susan Corbisiero, Michael Bacina and Dimitrios Salampasis. Run Time: 25 minutes.

  • The future of Digital Collectibles

    Featuring David Yu. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • Pushing the boundaries of NFT utility and art – Homegrown spotlight

    Featuring Giant Swan, DCL Blogger, Danielle Weber, Steve Morlando and Greg Oakford. Run Time: 32 minutes.

  • The changing face of Digital Currency Exchanges. Where to from here?

    Featuring Lee Eaton, Ray Brown, Jordan Michaelides, Holger Arians and Samira Tollo. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • The making of the metaverse and future of gaming

    Featuring Adam De Cata, Michael P, Chris Smith and Lisa Teh. Run Time: 24 minutes.

  • How NFTs are providing a playground for artists

    Featuring Jasmine Mansbridge, Jane Louise, Marc-O-Matic, GT Sewell and Greg Oakford. Run Time: 25 minutes.

  • Web3 Startup Projects

    Featuring Bronwen Clune, Tim Lea, Boot, Roshan Ghadamian and Yvonne Adele. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • The artists behind the smart contracts

    Featuring Harri, Arran, Jospeh Roccisano and Mark Lowe. Run Time: 30 minutes.

  • The Big Finish. A fireside chat with Kain Warwick.

    Featuring Kain Warwick and Anthony Sassano. Run Time: 29 minutes.

  • NFT State of the Union – Where we’ve come from and where we’re heading

    Featuring Yasmin Shima, Ryan Carson, Trey Ratcliff and Adam McBride. Run Time: 29 minutes.

  • Behind the NFT curtain with project founders

    Featuring Betty, wil and Carly Reilly. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • Web3 women leading by example

    Featuring Lisa Mayer, Jaime Schmidt and Sarah May. Run Time: 27 minutes.

  • Big Brands & NFTs – A fireside chat with Chris Liquin from VaynerNFT

    Featuring Chris Liquin and Tristan Yver. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • Shifting business models through NFTs – music and media

    Featuring Joan Westberg, Domino, Mark Carnegie and Jameson. Run Time: 24 minutes.

  • Opportunities and pitfalls in GameFi development – Why some projects and others fall into obscurity

    Featuring Michael Gu. Run Time: 26 minutes.

  • Web3 education with Zeneca

    Featuring Zeneca and Renae Redgen. Run Time: 20 minutes.

  • Mint your NFT 101

    Featuring Francois Schonken and Anurag Soin. Run Time: 26 minutes.

  • Building NFT projects and experiences

    Featuring Bianca Musico, Johnson Xu, Katie Tholo, Benji and Adriana Belotti. Run Time: 32 minutes.


  • Opening Address

    Featuring Steve Vallas, CEO of Blockchain Australia. Run Time: 12 minutes.

  • The Regulatory Landscape in cryptocurrency and digital assets – The opportunity for change

    Featuring Sam Bankman-Fried and Brett Harrison. Run Time: 20 minutes.

  • Michael Gronager – CEO & Co-Founder at Chainalysis

    Featuring Michael Gronager. Run Time: 18 minutes.

  • Kristin Smith – Executive Director at Blockchain Association

    Featuring Kristin Smith. Run Time: 19 minutes.

  • The financialization of everything and the role of DLT

    Featuring Todd McDonald. Run Time: 20 minutes.

  • Natasha Blycha – Managing Director at Stirling & Rose

    Featuring Natasha Blycha. Run Time: 17 minutes.

  • Standards Panel

    Featuring Jana Schmitz, Loretta Joseph, Mark Staples and Gayan Benedict. Run Time: 26 minutes.

  • Crypto Assets: a perspective from a financial markets and conduct regulator

    Featuring Mark Adams, Cathie Armour and Nathan Bourne. Run Time: 55 minutes.

  • Reg Perimeter / Safe Harbour Roundtable

    Rountable led by Chloe White, Managing Director at Genesis Block. Run Time: 43 minutes.

  • Taxation

    Featuring Joni Pirovich, Greg Valles, Toby Eggleston, Sarah Hickey, Shane Brunette, Elizabeth Morton, Ross Higgins and Amanda Kazacos. Run Time: 45 minutes.

  • KYC, AML, Scams Roundtable

    Featuring John Bassilios, Partner at Hall & Wilcox. Run Time: 43 minutes.

  • FATF & The Travel Rule Roundtable

    Featuring Ron Tucker, Founder & Chairman – Emeritus of Blockchain Australia. Run Time: 32 minutes.

  • Keynote Presentation from Evan Gallagher

    Featuring Evan Gallagher, Principal Specialist, Policy at AUSTRAC. Run Time: 10 minutes.

  • Custody & Digital Assets Roundtable

    Featuring Scott Hudson, General Manager – Market Liaison at Computershare. Run Time: 38 minutes.

  • Digital Identity & Privacy Roundtable

    Featuring Kelsie Nabben, Researcher at RMIT. Run Time: 44 minutes.

  • Regulating Crypto Globally – Which Countries Are Doing it & Who is Getting it Right?

    Featuring Megan Monroe and Nick Abrahams. Run Time: 24 minutes.

  • Sanctions Compliance in a New Crypto Era

    Featuring John Melican. Run Time: 25 minutes.

  • DAOs and DeFi: Developments and Regulation

    Featuring Aaron Wright and Jack Deeb. Run Time: 31 minutes.

  • Derivatives

    Featuring Paul Derham, Karti Mehendran, Caroline Bowler, Toby Chapple and Lisa Hornery. Run Time: 42 minutes.

  • CBDCS – Digital Assets and Value to Enterprise and Regulated Industry

    Featuring Hannah Glass, Kel Campbell, Sudhir Pai, Lisa Wade and Rene Michau. Run Time: 34 minutes.

  • Moving the dial on environmental, social governance reporting

    Featuring Scott Waller. Run Time: 35 minutes.

  • Showcasing Western Australia Blockchain Startups

    Featuring Ian Love. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • Data Governance – Legal and ethical questions in infrastructure, tools & frameworks

    Featuring Natasha Blycha. Run Time: 23 minutes.

  • The future of governance in web3: New decision making frameworks for a new internet age

    Featuring David Beros. Run Time: 16 minutes.


  • Welcome Address

    Featuring Professor Rowena Barrett from QUT. Run Time: 4 minutes.

  • Keynote Presentation from Karl Mohan

    Featuring Karl Mohan, General Manager APAC at Run Time: 3 minutes.

  • Showcase 1

    Featuring Liya Dashkina and Jack Deeb. Run Time: 14 minutes.

  • Grow This: Ag Tech Panel

    Featuring Philippe Ceulen, Albert Bielinko, Mark Gustowski, Bridie Ohlsson and Adj. Professor Warwick Powell. Run Time: 25 minutes.

  • VC This

    Featuring Rebecca Schott-Guppy, Jeff Yew, Hunter Watkin, Abhishek Maran and Sean Stuart. Run Time: 24 minutes.

  • Scale This

    Featuring Sonja Bernhardt OAM, Shane Brunette, Paul King and Gordon Little. Run Time: 21 minutes.

  • SAAS This Panel

    Featuring Victoria Wells, Adj. Professor Warwick Powell, Brendon Ross, Luke Spiller and Daniel Montoya. Run Time: 17 minutes.

  • Showcase 2

    Featuring Danielle Marie, Damien King, Nicole Crivelli, Ilya Filinykh and Blair Crawford. Run Time: 20 minutes.

  • How to build a DCE – One block at a time

    Featuring Susannah Wilkinson, Alex Harper, Grant Colthup, Josh Lehman and James Elia. Run Time: 15 minutes.

  • The Business of Numbers

    Featuring John Bassilios, Nick Christie, Rafael Franco and Electra Frost. Run Time: 15 minutes.

  • Showcase 3

    Featuring Darren Rogan and Chris Were. Run Time: 12 minutes.

  • Build This

    Featuring Karen Cohen, Nick Kumaran, Lucas Cullen, Lachlan Feeney and Bill Angelidis. Run Time: 29 minutes.

  • Teach This

    Featuring Ren Butler, Nathan Burns and Gordon Christian. Run Time: 16 minutes.

  • From the ground up

    Featuring Rakalene Condon. Run Time: 17 minutes.

  • Fix This

    Featuring Louise Mercer, Guy Dickinson, Dan Voyce and Katrina Donaghy. Time: 18 minutes.

  • Mark Gustowski

    Featuring Mark Gustowski. Time: 4 minutes.

  • Last impression is the lasting impression

    Featuring Simon Cant. Time: 20 minutes.

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